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Gate Automation & Repair Specialists
Call: +353 (087) 645 1427

Automatic Gates Tipperary - Automatic Gates

Annertec offer many types of gate automation:

Underground systems

We install Underground Gate Systems in the ground underneath the gate and are electromechanical for normal domestic situations or hydraulic for larger gates with more intensive use:


Automated Sliding Gates 

Sliding gate systems move the gate which is on a track from left to right or vice versa. These are available for gates weighing between 200 kgs and 3500 kgs. The latest versions for domestic properties now have a battery back up system which is essential should there be a power cut and are also ideally suited should you require a sheeted gate as wind has no effect on the operation of these.


Ram Type

Ram type gates are installed to the rear of the gate and attached to the pillar and are suitable for all sizes and are available in electromechanical and hydraulic  versions for heavier gates.

Articulated Arms

Articulated units can be retro fitted on existing gates and are attached to the pillar beside the gate and are electromechanical.

24 volt systems

24 volt systems are used where there is a high usage and volume of traffic  and also for eg into apartment blocks where it is essential to have access for emergency services should there be a power outage.

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